ITSPHUN mini puzzles

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The ITSPHUN mosaic set consists of ten individual mini puzzle packages, each containing a picture and the necessary pieces to construct the illustrated object. The set contains a total of 160 pieces.

1. Cube Minipuzzle
2. Pentagonal Antiprism Minipuzzle
3. Dodecahedron Minipuzzle
4. Jack Minipuzzle
5. Tridiminished Icosahedrons Minipuzzle
6. Cuboctahedron Minipuzzle
7. Square Gyrobicupola Minipuzzle
8. Stella Octangula Minipuzzle
9. Icosahedron Minipuzzle
10. Linked Triangular Prisms Minipuzzle

Once solved, the pieces can be combined in many other ways to make wonderful and colorful creations at the intersection of art and mathematics.

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